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Holiday apartament Residencial Madalena in Monte Gordo.
Here in Residencial Madalena you can find a good place to enjoy your vacancies in Algarve Apartament for your nice holidays in Monte Gordo Algarve.

Are you looking for a place to stay in your holidays in Monte Gordo ?
In Residencial Madalena Monte Gordo you can find a great place in Monte Gordo to stay in your vacancies in Monte Gordo Portugal, you can find more reviews information about Residencial Madalena in, here you can find reviews from the best tourist places in Algarve.
Know more about Residencial Madalena

Residencial Madalena is located in the village of Monte Gordo, near the beach, its excellent location make the Residencial Madalena the prime choice for a holiday or weekends on the sunny beach capital of the Algarve.

Rua Dom Francisco de Almeida 94
8900-446 Monte Gordo
Algarve Portugal

Monte Gordo has hot water beaches and has a sandy beach that stretches along the coast. It is in the Eastern Algarve with the Mediterranean in front and lots of fun to discover.

Monte Gordo, a small parish in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António, is the last major resort before the Spanish border.

Situated between the vast Sapal de Castro Marim Nature Reserve and the sea, it was a pioneer in tourist exploration in the Algarve; Busy buses from Vila Real de Santo António (3 km from Monte Gordo) or from Tavira stop at Rua Nova de Lisboa, a short distance from the sea and the casino.

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In Algarve-ferias you can find more cheap holidays places in Monte Gordo and in all Algarve. We have many vilas and apartaments for your dream holidays in Algarve Portugal listed in our holidays directory.

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