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Holiday apartment Hotel Mira Sagres in Sagres Algarve.
Here in Hotel Mira Sagres you can find a good place to enjoy your vacancies in Algarve Apartment for your nice holidays in Sagres Algarve.

The History and myth of Sagres is mixed with what was, for centuries, the furthest point from the known world – Cape Saint Vincent. Wrapped in an aura of mystery and respect, which the coast, the wind and the wild vegetation impose, its mythic charge feels.

Since the Neolithic Cape Saint Vincent is used as a place of worship. Already in the fourth century BC, Greek authors reported religious ceremonies involving libations and the prohibition of the presence of humans at night, since it is a place frequented by gods.

Climbing the promontory, consulting the gods, keeping promises, was a mandatory ritual for all sailors venturing into the sea, populated by terrible monsters. It was here that Infante D. Henrique founded the school that contributes to the discovery of the world. This is where the globalization of the world began.

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In Hotel Mira Sagres Sagres you can find a great place in Sagres to stay in your vacancies in Sagres Portugal, you can find more reviews information about Hotel Mira Sagres in, here you can find reviews from the best tourist places in Algarve.

Know more about Hotel Mira Sagres

The Hotel Mira Sagres is the reformulation of an old board. Opened with a new concept aims to offer accommodation, leisure and entertainment quality to the tourist looking for a peaceful place for your holiday, weekends, weeks, or even for meetings.

Rua 1º de Maio, 3
8650-425 Vila do Bispo
Algarve – Portugal

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